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Deluxe Alarm System

Passive or active operation,

dual zone shock, 2 auxiliary

outputs, starter disable,

2-four button high frequency

transmitters for extended range,

anti-carjacking, domelight,

enhanced panic, keyless entry

and psycho siren. 

Works with optional Echo-2

long range system.




Includes 4 Four Button Transmitters

Automatic Transmitter Verification, Negative Lock and Unlock Outputs

Dual Zone Shock Included, Automatic Rearming, Programmable Last Door Arming

Starter Interrupt Included, Anti-carjacking Capability, Onboard Parking Light Relay

Multi-tone Siren Included, Panic Operation


Siren And Horn Outputs, Secure-coded Override

Negative Domelight Supervision Output

Immobilizer Mode, 2 Configurable Aux. Channels



Upgrades OEM Remote Keyless Entry System to a Full Featured Security System

Chirp Conformation On/Off

Doors Will Lock with Last Door Arming On/Off

Ignition Controlled Doorlocks On/Off

Current Sensing On/Off

15 Second Entry Delay On/Off


K9 "Sombra" Hands Free Car Alarm / Remote Keyless Entry System!

K9 Sombra uses RFID technology that will arm and lock the vehicle as you walk away,

then disarm and unlock the vehicle when you return. 

RFID also makes the programmable anti-carjacking system in the

Sombra the most secure and easiest to use in the industry!

Two new mini RFID transmitters, Multi-tone electronic siren
RFID can be turned off to use the system with conventional pushbutton arm/disarm
Flashing parking lights, * Starter disable
Built in doorlock relays, Limited lifetime warranty




The K9 Mundial 3 is a full featured car alarm and keyless entry

with all the important features you'll need to protect your car.

Two 3-button 433MHz code-jumping transmitters

Status LED, valet switch

Flashing parking lights

Automatic Starter Disable

Dual flashing parking light outputs

2-Stage Electronic Impact Sensor

Positive and Negative door trigger inputs

Negative hood/trunk trigger input

Remote Control Doorlock/Unlock outputs*

Remote panic feature

Patented ATV transmitter-tampering protecti