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Specials & Closeouts


Omega MAX

The Omega MAX is the ultimate vehicle convenience/security system. It incorporates Omega's legendary vehicle security features with a deluxe remote car starter. The system includes Omega's patented Psyren (psycho siren), an AU84TA dual zone shock sensor, 2 four-button transmitters, an extended range window mount receiver and all necessary harnesses. The MAX is equipped with 2 auxiliary sensor ports and 2 satellite relay ports for powering extra ignition and accessory circuits. All main ignition, start and accessory circuits have onboard relays and the accessory output is configurable to become a secondary ignition circuit. The system has 34 programmable features, giving you the flexibility to customize the system for every install. The MAX is also ECHO compatible. This means that it can be upgraded with the ECHO Two-way Paging System to put the status of the system right at your fingertips. GPS2000 compatibility is achieved with the MAX's external alarm, disarm and remote start activation inputs. Don't settle for anything less than the MAXimum in vehicle protection and convenience

The Omega Echo system is a modular two-way remote controller transciver that simply plugs into any compatible Omega vehicle security system, to put the status of your vehicle at your fingertips. • Poweful transceiver extends operating range to as much as 1,500 ft. • Customizable vehicle display; select either a car, truck or SUV as the vehicle image • Ditigal clock                 • Backlit LCD display for easy viewing • Some of the system confirmation functions are: armed, disarmed, valet mode, locked, unlocked, remote start, "in range", low pager battery, 2nd channel, 3rd channel, prewarn, shock, door violation, hood/trunk violation and carjack mode • Patented Alarm Chirp Emulation audibly mimics the security system's actual siren operations           • Mute operation also features Omega's patented vibration emulation • Uses 1 AAA battery                                                        • Maintains the use of exisitng one-way transmitters                                                                                                                • Upon arming and disarming, the display shows how many tranmistters are programmed with Omega's patented Unauthorized Transmitter Alert

OMEGAMAX/ECHO                     $124.99






DESCRIPTION The Viper 791XV features Responder Technology: a unique LCD Interface for 2-Way communication of commands and confirmations to and from your vehicle, plus remote notification when your security system triggers. Directed Responder 2-Way remotes confirm all commands and easy to understand icons, plus text. They also beep or vibrate whenever the security system triggers with either Warn Away chirps or full siren. These new systems protect the vehicle with state-of-the-art 2-Way security, and start the engine with the push of a button from up to a quarter-mile away under optimum conditions. These hybrid systems offer the very latest in 2-Way technology from Directed Electronics, the world leader in Security and Remote Start.

Protects your vehicle and starts your engine with the push of a button ,Full featured vehicle security system

Confirms all command with easy to understand icons with text ,Alerts you to security system alarm events

by beeping or vibrating when the system is triggered,Lets you keep track of vehicle status

Optimum Range and Reliability, Bright, Easy to read LCD Screen, Vibrate mode

23 Different Icon/Text Messages, Remote start Convenience, Safety Shut Down, Timer Mode, Complete

Engine Monitoring, Anti Grind, Engine Checking, High Capacity Relay Satellite, Tach/Voltage Checking


564V(RF) $ 130.00


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