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EchoMaster™ EM-PV Reverse Sensing System

The top of the line EchoMaster™ EM-PV Reverse Sensing

System is precision designed to fit almost any automobile

including cars, trucks, vans or SUVs. Its unique detection

pattern has extremely strong range for six full feet behind

the vehicle's bumper, while at the same time, giving

superb peripheral coverage. This will help to ensure your

safety when reversing. Whether parallel parking, maneuver

in tight areas, or just simply backing out of the driveway,

with the EchoMaster™ Reverse Sensing System

installed you can reverse with confidence.

EMPV                   $ 99.99



EchoMaster™ EM-SP Sensor Pack

For use with EM-PV system.

Adds 2 additional 2 foot "bubble"

perimeter detection zones.

Easily connects to EM-PV Control Module.

EMSP            $ 39.99


EMHS - EchoMaster Hole Saw

EMHS - EchoMaster Hole Saw designed

to make hole cutting fast and efficient.

Hole size requirement 28 mm

EMHS         $ 27.99


EM-VI Visual Indicator LED

EchoMaster™ optional visual indicator.

Emits a visual warning in unison with the

audible warning tone. Can be used with

speaker in on or off position

EMVI             $ 16.99



Sensor Sleeve Angle Gauge

Easily determine which sensor sleeve

is required for your installation.

Simply place the sensor selector on the

installation area of your bumper and the

Sensor selector will inform you which

sensor to use. It's so easy!

EMAG         $ 9.99

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