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Three Channel Alarm


Two, 5 button Mini remote transmitters

Dedicated lock / unlock

Anti-code grabbing

Code learning / anti-scan

Two car operational

Parking light flash (dual polarity)

Dual stage shock sensor

Starter Disable (relay & socket including)



6 Channel Security System w/ 2-Way LCD Communication 


Six Channel Alarm System with 6 on-board relays for parking lights, starter disable, door lock and unlock,

dome light and second channel (trunk).

Titanium finish, two-way paging receiver and transmitting remote with 3-color LCD screen using

AM frequency bands for transmitting and receiving at 433.9 megahertz.

Dual Stage shock sensor with pre-warning alert.

One 5-button mini-size AM, standard 433.9-megahertz remote transmitter.

RF220Two Channel Security System


Two, 5-button mini-remotes with New BLUE LED

Remote Panic and Car Locator

2nd channel trunk release output

Parking light flash (relay on board)

Dual polarity (+/-) door lock outputs

Shock sensor adjust via remote

Optional Siren or Horn output


Four Channel Security System w/ 2-Way AM/AM LCD


Two-Way 4-Button AM/AM mini-LCD Remote Transmitter

5-Button Standard One way mini-transmitter with Blue LED

Shift Button for 2nd Car Operation

Back-up Memory System , Parking Light Flash (relay on board)

2nd Channel Trunk Release,3rd and 4th Channel Auxiliary Outputs

Keyless Entry with Relays on Board

Plug-in Dual Stage Shock Sensor with Additional Dual Stage Port

Starter Disable with Relay and Socket, Dome light Illuminated Entry


Motorcycle Alarm with 2-Way remote

AM/AM communications and Starter Disable